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Everything Is 
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With Michael E. Parker
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What Will You Experience From This Presentation?
All I Can Tell You Is...
We are all trying to achieve more but something is missing
We can either keep doing the same old thing or do something different.
Anxiety and stress are at an all time high but we still have dreams to fulfill
There is always the option to quit or turn back, but then what?
We have no more time for resolutions and temporary fixes
Time is not on our side anymore and all of us must pick up the pace.
We all need more money to live a life with more freedom and less stress
Money is there and then it's gone, we need more cashflow.
What Are You Trying To Achieve Right Now and How Important Is It To You?
I will never forget when I turned my life from a question mark to a comma.
There was a time in my life where I questioned if I would ever be able to achieve anything and rise above my circumstances.  I later realized that all I had come through was not the end of my journey, merely a comma that transitioned me from who I had been to who I would become.  I have felt fear at the highest level and I have seen trauma in some of its ugliest forms, nevertheless it was through this that I learned how to appreciate a better way and unlock my ability to achieve at the highest level.
We all have a story, a journey, and a mission, the question is who will realize it and learn how to use it for good.
Have you ever felt like you take 3 steps forward and 5 steps back?  

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life and sometimes feel you are always trying to catch up to it and ask it to slow down?  

Do you ever find yourself in an unstable relationship with positivity?  

Do you sometimes wish there was some secret thing that you could do to stay focused, achieve more, and live a more fulfilling life?
There is something you need to know and there is somewhere you need to go.
Do you consider yourself a high achiever?  If not, do you want to be?
Do you want to be more physically fit and healthy?

Would you like to be a more positive person and stimulate strong relationships at home and at work?

Do you sometimes feel you have hit a wall and know that if you just had a little push or helping hand you could climb higher?

Are you aware that your childhood and life experiences are having an effect on how you achieve and those around you?

How important is the next major move you want to make?

What is it that wakes you up everyday and why is there something deep inside that still knows you can be better than you are now?

Are you tired of resolutions yet?  Are you ready for something more than what you have always said and done?
If you have a concern about any of these questions, don't worry...
Everything Is About
to Change!
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